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The SAGSC Bioinformatics Core at the University of Lethbridge
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Our Services

The SAGSC Bioinformatics Core is a cutting-edge bioinformatics research facility designed from the ground up to fit the needs and goals of Albertan researchers.  Let out experience take away the guess work in your analysis.

Programming Console
Petri Dishes

Bioinformatics Services

Project Design

  • Analysis of high-throughput sequencing data (Illumina, Nanopore, PacBio)

  • Whole genome sequencing and assembly (incl. microbial)

  • Transcriptome analysis (small RNAs, standard RNA-seq and long-read / direct RNA-seq).

  • DNA methylation and RNA modification analysis, epigenomic analysis (ChIP-seq, CLIP-seq).

  • A full list of our expertise can be found here

Individualized consultation on:

  • Project design and inception 

  • Data analysis and presentation

  • Follow-up experimental design

  • Please direct project design inquiries to 

DNA Strand

Sequencing Core

  • 3rd generation Nanopore sequencing on a high-throughput PromethION platform

At this time, use of the Sequencing Core is limited to those with collaborative research agreements or industrial users.

Stack of hands

Click here to meet the team behind the SAGSC Bioinformatics Core.

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