SAGSC Bioinformatics Core Services List

The SAGSC Bioinformatics Core is pleased to offer a suite of services based on the nature of analysis required:

Bioinformatics Analysis for High-throughput sequencing including 3rd generation long-read sequencing and transcriptomics

  1. Genomics

    1. Whole Genome Sequencing - Variant detection (SNP, indel), Copy Number Variation, Structural Variation

    2. Exome Sequencing – Variant detection (SNP, indel), Copy Number Variation

    3. DNA methylation analysis

  2. Transcriptomics

    1. Gene Expression Profiling

    2. Poly A selection

    3. Total RNA analysis

    4. Non-coding RNA analysis

    5. Variant detection and editing analysis

Pre-experiment Consultation

  1. Take the guess work out of your experiments, determine the best setup for your experiments by meeting with us before you begin.

  2. BioNet / SAGSC Bioinformatics Core staff are pleased to take the time to understand individual project needs and suggest appropriate experimental design in advance of data acquisition.

  3. The BioNet / SAGSC Bioinformatics Core staff will aid in writing Bioinformatics aspects of grant proposals, helping to secure funding required for future collaboration and use of this facility.  Additionally, the Core staff will write all statistical and bioinformatics methods sections for the protocol of any publication resulting from the analysed data at our facility.


Data Analysis

  1. The BioNet / SAGSC Bioinformatics Core offers data analysis and visualization services.  These services are additive and designed for those researchers who prefer a hands-off approach to all aspects of Bioinformatics from pipeline analysis to graph and figure preparation.


Pipeline and Advanced Analysis Development

  1. Advanced services that involve the creation of new analysis pipelines for novel projects are available on a case-by-case basis and representatives of the BioNet / SAGSC Bioinformatics Core would be pleased to meet with would-be researchers to discuss such projects.

The SAGSC Bioinformatics core offers discounts for bulk sample analysis and rates may change based on recurrent or high volume orders.